"what are you going to do with a degree in english?" follow you around and whisper "the love song of j alfred prufrock" in your ear when you go on dates

Anonymous asked: have you ever had romantic feelings for one of you mutuals?

hahaha yes

Get to know the blogger night!


I’ll answer all questions that come in my ask box!

this is shitty didnt mean to dredge up old heartbreak

hahahaha it’s okay!!! i really need to get a new one

i forgot it on the bus after a 15 hour day/13 hour shift. what an awesome way to end an already shitty day right?

into the beanie pic

i wish i still had it :(

i really like mirrors


do you ever look at your url and go “hell yeah”

S K Y E . Only name. No family. No family name to inherit.

I suck at relationships. I’m like Godzilla. Men run from me; they flee. Not just Japanese men, all nationalities flee.